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About Red

Gourmet Kitchen

The Red Gourmet Kitchen is the brainchild of Chef Stone. A culinary professional with a knack for flavor and perfection. The Red Gourmet Kitchen is the Fast Casual Dining arm of The Burgundy by Chef Stone, a fine dining establishment.

The vision is to offer a balanced gourmet offering to the locale and create a unique customer experience to every customer alike.

At Red Gourmet Kitchen, we’re passionate about creating great food and an even greater customer service experience. We hope to continue to offer this for many many years to come.

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From the Press



An amazing experience with delicious gourmet food for a discerning palatte.



Like astonishing Michelin Stars kinda cooking. It was so good that I got a hangover from the food. The good kind!



Love and good food go hand in hand. Don't be told otherwise. 

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